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Hayca Helanne van de Vliegende Kiep ‘Lana’

If cats like this, I like it to.
Lana is not the showy type but this is her in showcoat on a show.
Our super smart girl with her gordious eyes!
Lana with Sonate
Love at first sight it was with this girl
Lana in the woods! Asanova's favorite picture of her.
Who said this is a chair for catsr?
Lana with her first litter of four.
"My place! No my place!" Miloh-Fo Olivia with naugthy Lana.
Lana swimming in the pond
Lana pregnant and taking it easy on our friends sofa.
Lana with Avella playing in Frysian woods.
On Asanova's friends frozen pond with Natane & Avella
Natane swimming in the Eem river.
Natane seconds before her swim
After her swim
Lana with sweet but also naughty face.

Hayca Helanne van de Vliegende Kiep, 'Lana'

Kleur/ color : wit/bruin    white/brown

Geboren/born: 10 oktober 2005

Hoogte: 47 cm  


PRA/cataract free, ED free, HD - A, Juvenile Epilepsy - free

Showscores : Uitmuntend / Excellent

Een van Lana haar showrapporten / Just one of Lana her showresults

11 mei 2008, Show Arnhem. Lana werd derde met 'Uitstekend'.

Mai 11. 2008 Arnhem Showing, Lana became 'Excellent' third.

Judge: Petru Muntean

2,5 years old female. High size, well balanced. Good head, correct bite. Good bodystructure x angulation. Coat and pigmentation are correct. Movement correct.

Lana is 27 september 2008 bevallen van haar eerste nestje rakkertjes.
Een dag voor de bevalling, 2008

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Puppytijd & daarna
Lana & Oosters korthaartje 'Nixie', 25 augustus 2012
Lana met haartweede nestje van zes puppies in 2010
Twee puppies uit Lana's tweede nest
Puppytijd & daarna
Pups & plannen